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FloraBase Pro

pH regulating soil for
excellent CO2 absorption.

FloraBase Pro reduces and stabilizes the pH-value to 6. With a pH of 6, there is a sufficient amount of CO₂ available for healthy plant growth. The CO₂ level of the water is of great importance for optimal plant growth.

Our FloraBase Pro Soils.

Experts recommend the use of FloraBase Pro!
Available in 1 – 2,5 – 5 – 10 litre.

FloraBase Pro

Aquarium Size
Ranging from 15cm width to 30cm length
Soil thickness
1 Litre
Fine pellets
2,5 Litre
Coarse & fine pellets
5 Litre
Coarse & fine pellets
10 Litre
Coarse & fine pellets

Unique features.

Balanced values

FloraBase Pro ensures a great balance between pH and CO₂.


FloraBase Pro ensures fantastic plant growth.

Easy Start

FloraBase Pro is easy to use and gives your aquarium a good start.

Shrimp friendly

FloraBase Pro is a perfect soil for shrimps.

Clear water

FloraBase Pro makes your water crystal clear.


FloraBase PRO should not be washed before use, any cloudiness of the water is harmless and disappears after a few days.


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