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Terra Half-Moon

Panoramic Elegance,
perfect for climbing inhabitants.

The Terra Half-Moon boasts a visually appealing panorama design, offering an unobstructed view without any disruptive corners. The Terra Half-Moon is specifically crafted for tropical species. Its top is equipped with a robust mesh panel incorporating a rotating valve for convenient cable management. The Half-Moon is suited with double doors, ensuring easy and convenient access.

Our Terra Half-Moon model.

Terra Half-moon

56 x 28 x 64 cm
60 Litre

Included features.

Half-moon design

Enjoy the view! This terrarium has a Half-moon design for wide-angle panorama viewing of your inhabitants!

Strong mesh top

The top consists of a solid mesh panel for sufficient ventilation and easy installation of lighting.

Cable management system

Cables are hidden through smart cable support on the back of the terrarium.

Front opening doors with lock

Convenient front doors for easy acces for set-ups and maintenance with a safe locking mechanism to keep your inhabitants in the enclosure.

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