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Offer your fish a
safe breeding environment.

Raise your young fish with our various breeding and hatching accessories. We offer various products including breeding trays to ensure that fish eggs or newborn fish are safe. We also offer handy fine-mesh nets that give optimal protection.

Safely separate newborns
with breeding boxes.

For Discus & Angel Fish:
special spawning cones.

Our breeding products.

Breeding Box

Breeding boxes ensure eggs and newborn fish are safely separated from other aquarium inhabitants. Breeding boxes are also suitable for isolating diseased, weakened or aggressive fish.

Spawning Cone

Special spawning cone for breeding Discus and Angelfish. The shape of the cone is designed to remain stable even during the most intensive spawning.

Breeding Net

Fine mesh net which safely separates new-born fry from the mother and other fish. Can also be used to isolate injured or aggressive fish. Suitable for freshwater and marine aquariums.

Artemia Breeding Kit

With the Auto Top-Up aquarium refill, you can easily maintain the water level of your aquarium, even when you are not home. Screw the Auto Top-Up on a clean PET bottle filled with 1-2 litres of fresh water. Install the Auto Top-Up with the bottle on your aquarium (glass thickness 3-10 mm). The Auto Top-Up automatically replenishes evaporated water.

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