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A clean aquarium is a
healthy aquarium.

Keep your aquarium clean, tidy and healthy with our maintenance accessories. Maintain your plants and clean up dirt and sludge with ease.

Nets for catching fish &
removing dirt.

Easily prune, remove
or plant new plants.

Our maintenance products.


Remove dirt from the bottom of your aquarium with this handy tool. Can also be used in Nano-aquariums (20 cm high).

Aqua Siphon

Handy water siphon for water changes and removing dirt from the bottom of your aquarium.

Nano Siphon Set

The Nano Siphon is ideal for small aquariums up to 30 litres and has an auto start system.

Auto Top-Up

With the Auto Top-Up aquarium refill, you can easily maintain the water level of your aquarium, even when you are not at home.
Screw the Auto Top-Up on a clean PET bottle filled with 1-2 litres of fresh water. Install the Auto Top-Up with the bottle on your aquarium (glass thickness 3-10 mm). The Auto Top-Up automatically replenishes the evaporated aquarium water.

Power Glass Clean

Aquarium cleaner, effortlessly removes algae deposits and dirt from the aquarium glass.


Complete aquarium cleaning sets with a range of accessories including net, plant fork, glass sponge, gravel rake and algae scraper. Makes aquarium cleaning easy. Nano Tools is a 4-in-1 set for small aquariums. The AquaTool XL has a telescopic handle (50/74cm) and can be used for big-size aquariums. XL-Spare parts are available.


Very soft cleaning sponge with nano structure. Effortlessly removes algae and limescale from aquarium glass.

Gravel Clean

2 in 1 aquarium cleaner, ideal for carrying out water changes and cleaning substrate and glass. The auto start system ensures this is an easy to use gravel cleaner.

Aqua Brush

Cleans your aquarium glass easily, without scratching it. The long ergonomic handle and the arrow-shaped scrubbing pad make it easy to reach every corner of the aquarium. There are two easy-to-change scrubbing pads (fine and coarse).

Window Scraper

The window scraper easily removes even the most stubborn algae deposits and dirt from your aquarium glass.

Gravel Scoop

Handy scoop for scooping and setting up your aquarium gravel and soil.


Indispensable floating magnet allows you to keep the aquarium glass clean without getting your hands wet. Available in different sizes.

Aquarium Fish Nets

Fish nets are ideal for catching fish or removing floating debris from the aquarium. Available in different sizes.

Floating Fish Nets

Floating scoop net, fine mesh, suitable for catching fish and removing dirt and debris in your aquarium. Available in sizes S, M, L.

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