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Air Accessories.

Various accessories
for a complete aquarium.

We offer various accessories like air stones, air hoses, connection materials, and more.

& easy to use.

We offer a variety
of models & sizes.

We offer several aeration accessories.

Every aeration accessory you need to enjoy your aquarium to the fullest.


SuperFish Air-Stones are available in different sizes, shapes and forms like the Shell and the Star air-stone to complete your aquarium.


Flexible diffusers which can be bent round driftwood, stones or in corners. They provide air bubbles wherever you want in the aquarium!


Complete Air-set with 2.5 metre air tube with tube connectors (Y-L-T), two air valves for trimming or closing air supply and a non-return valve for the safe installation of the pump below water level.

Connection Materials

We offer several connection materials for your aquarium like air hose valves, suckers, clamps, connectors and more!