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Artificial Plants.

Provide your aquarium with
Beautiful artificial plants.

We offer realistic-looking artificial plants for the aquarium. The plants provide a hiding place for your fish. Due to the weighted ceramic ball, the plant sinks to the bottom where it remains upright. Easy plants are 100% safe for your fish and the aquarium ecosystem.

Artificial plants
with a real-life look.

The perfect hiding
place for your fish.

Our Artificial plants.

Deco Bonsai

Plants in the shape of a Bonsai.

Nano Plugs

Three different sets of five plants.

Plant Carpet

Natural-looking ground cover that is easy to cut into several pieces or connect together.

Easy Plants

Realistic-looking plants that sink easily due to the ceramic ball.

Easy Plants Silk

These plants are made of silk which makes them look lifelike and move naturally in the water.

Art Plants

Art Plants are plants inspired by real plants, a wide collection ensures there is always a plant for your aquarium.

Deco Plant

You can easily decorate your aquarium with these plastic plants on rock.