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Gravel & soils.

Are you looking for
an eye-catching aquarium?

Turn your aquarium into an eye-catcher by using our colourful gravel. We have different neon colours in our range, for example, which will certainly make your aquarium stand out.

Provide your aquarium
with a natural look.


A colourful look
for your aquarium.

Our gravel types.

Deco Gravel

Highly colourful decorative gravel in 1 kg packs for smaller aquariums. It is gravel is 100% safe for your fish and plants and does not affect water parameters.

Aqua Gravel

Aqua Gravel is ideal as the final layer for your aquarium bottom. It is safe for fish and plants and the different colours and sizes allow you to perfectly personalise your aquarium.

Plant soil

The basis of a good aquarium base consists of a good nutrient soil. Plant Subtrate and Nutrient Soil are ideal for starting your aquarium base.