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Scapers Decoration.

Are you looking for
an eye-catching aquarium?

Create the most beautiful landscapes with the stones from the Scaper Rocks collection. We offer different sizes and types, so we have real stones or plastic stones made of cramic and synthetic resin.

Decorate your aquarium
with aquascape Rock.

Natural looking caves
made of ceramic.

Our Scapers decorations.

Fish Cave

Decorations made of synthetic resin with a natural look. The caves provide shelter for aquarium inhabitants and come with 1, 2 or 3 openings.

Ceramic Caves

Stones made of ceramic that look natural. The stones have openings that make them an ideal hiding place for aquarium fish.

Scapers Rock

Copies of rocks in various shapes and sizes. These artificial rocks make aquascaping even easier.

Aquascape Rock

Rocks make a beautiful decoration in any aquarium whether you have a simple tropical aquarium or want to aquascape a Japanese-style rock landscape. SuperFish Aquascape Rocks are carefully sorted, cleaned and conveniently packed in 3 or 5 kg bags.

Scapers Floating Planty

Unique true-to-nature copy of rock with space for 2 or 4 potted plants (ø 5cm) for easy planting of this rock! Easy installation with suckers on the aquarium wall for a floating effect.

Scapers Moss Tray

Ceramic base with stainless steel grid to grow moss and other carpet plants on. Due to its weight, the Moss Tray sinks easily to the bottom. The stainless steel grid keeps the young plants in place. Size 5 x 10 cm.