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Weird Waters

Big adventures,
little fish!

Weird Waters is a CGI animated fantasy series about three BFFFs (best fish friends forever) on the freshwater adventure of a lifetime. Follow BZ and I.M. Tiger, two tropical fish who accidentally land in the deep end of a magical pond. They soon meet Jam, a new friend who sweeps them away on a series of unbelievable adventures full of hidden realms, crazy monsters, and ancient mysteries.

Our Weird Waters decorations.


I.M. Tiger™





Meet the Weird Waters cast.


BZ is a natural-born adventurer who’s always IN THE MOMENT. He’s constantly looking for a good time and never wants to be alone with his own thoughts, which is why he always surrounds himself with good friends. Being in The Pond is all BZ has ever hoped for!

IM Tiger™

Full name: Ichabod Maximus Tiger! Tiger is a nervous nelly who is always LOOKING BACK. He thought for sure he was going to end up in a kid’s cosy aquarium. But now he’s in The Pond – and everything freaks him out!


Jam is the rebellious youngest sister of three Tetras and challenges authority more than all the other fish in Blue Zoo combined. Jam is always LOOKING FORWARD. She can’t wait to grow up so she can be taken seriously. The Pond is all she has ever known, but she knows everything about it


Sheriff Alpha is Blue Zoo’s own aquatic Javert. He may look pretty, but he’s the strong, overconfident, defender of the peace – with the power to spawn unlimited duplicates — which he calls “Deputies!” He has little tolerance for pranksters which makes him quite a target – or two.