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Heating accessories.

Various accessories to
support your temperature.

We offer various accessories like protection covers, analogue thermometers, digi thermometer and more.

& easy to use

We offer a variety of 
models & sizes.

We offer several accessories.

Every accessory you need to support and maintain the temperature and enjoy your aquarium to the fullest. Check your local stores for stock.

Pro heater protection covers

Also suitable for aquarium heaters from other brands with a maximum glass length of 31 cm and a maximum glass diametre of 2.4 cm. The protector is made of durable plastic, protects the glass of the heater from breakage and looks decorative.

Digi Thermo

Digital underwater aquarium thermometer, easy to use with a clearly readable digital display.

Analogue Thermometers

Easy to read, accurate aquarium thermometers. Suitable for tropical and marine aquariums, available in different models and sizes.