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Retro LED.

Which model suits you?

Will you choose the Bright which stimulates plant growth, the Color with colour-enhancing light for fish, the Multi which brings more atmosphere into the aquarium or the Combi which is good for your fish and plants?

Save up to 50%
on energy consumption.


Perfect fit and
easy to replace.


Our Retro LED models.

Retro LED Bright

An ideal upgrade that can be installed without tools, the lamp is designed for perfect plant growth. It comes complete with ballast and waterproof end caps. The Bright can save up to 50% energy and has a lifespan of 30,000 hours. It can be controlled with the LED Controller (dimming + on/off switching) or a timer.

Retro LED Color

The lamp has warm white light, which enhances the colours of your fish and makes them stand out better. Red and blue colours will look more colourful and brighter. The lamp is easy to install without tools and comes complete with ballast and waterproof end caps. Furthermore, the lamp is IP68 waterproof and reduces electricity costs.

Retro LED Multi

Ambient lighting for the aquarium with a choice of six dimmable colours (blue, green, yellow, orange, red and colour enhancing light). Easy to install and comes with ballast and waterproof end caps. Saves up to 50% on your electricity costs and has a lifespan of 30,000 hours. Fits T8 and T5 hoods seamlessly.

Retro LED Combi

We recommend this combination of bright white light and colour-enhanced light for aquariums with only 1 tube, ideal for both plants and fish. Plug and play, an upgrade to your current lighting. Fits seamlessly to T8 and T5 hoods without aquarium modification, includes ballast and waterproof end caps.

Retro LED+ Controller

Controller for Retro LED lighting, switches lighting automatically on and off at desired times. The Retro LED+ Controller simulates both sunrise and sunset, you have the choice of doing this in 30 seconds or in 10 minutes. The Retro LED+ controller is suitable for all Retro LED lighting, except for Retro LED Multi.

Retro LED features.


Our Retro LED models are made waterproof and are perfectly safe for usage in aquariums, the end caps are waterproof as well.

Plug & Play

The Retro LED lighting is easy to install with minimal effort. It ensures a seamless upgrade and fits T8 and T5 hoods seamlessly without any modification of the aquarium.

Energy saving

With our Retro LED lighting you can save up to 50% on your energy consumption!

30.000 burning hours

Our Retro LED lighting will illuminate your aquarium with a long life span for least 30.000 burning hours.

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