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Pond Lighting.

Illuminate your pond with our
powerful lighting products.

SuperFish pond lighting products enrich the atmosphere of your pond or garden. Our LED outdoor spotlights provide a bright beam of light and are adjustable. Add mystery to your pond with our pond fogger. Enjoy the new ambience for your pond with our lighting products & accessories.

Automatically switch the
LED lighting on and off.

Generate a mysterious
fog in your pond.

Our lighting products & accessories.


With the Flexi-Power garden socket, you will have electricity safely and quickly everywhere outdoors. Suitable for the pond, garden tools, garden lights, Christmas tree, camping and countless other purposes. With a 5-metre cable and 4 earthed connection points.

Garden Power

The Garden Power socket has 5-metre cable length, 3 grounded outlets and a built-in timer. The timer can automatically turn the power on and off at a preset time. Besides ease of use, you can save power and extend the life of your bulbs.

Pond Power LED

Powerful Pond LED spotlight for your garden and in your pond. Suitable for outdoor and underwater use, fully waterproof (IP68). The six LEDs provide a very bright beam of light. The Pond LED has robust aluminium housing, equipped with an exchangeable stable base and ground pin.

Automatic Twilight Sensor

Automatically switches the LED lighting on when it gets dark outside and off again when it gets light. Easy to connect, simply connect the twilight sensor between the cables of the SuperFish LED lighting. With a ground spike for a stable installation.

Pond Fogger

With this fog maker, you can easily create a mysterious fog in your pond. This gives a special atmosphere, especially in the evening, when the low-hanging fog is illuminated by the built-in LEDs and moves slowly over the pond water.

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