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A clean pond is
a healthy pond.

With our maintenance products, you ensure a beautiful, clean and healthy pond.

Handy nets to catch fish
& remove dirt.

Easily prune, remove or
plant new plants.

Our maintenance products.

Fish Nets

Handy nets for catching fish and removing dirt from the pond. The medium and large nets have a telescopic aluminium handle and are available with fine and coarse mesh. Coarse-meshed nets are suitable for catching fish and coarse dirt. With fine-meshed nets, you can remove fine dirt and algae from the pond.

Fish Net XL

Strong, fine-mesh landing net with a telescopic handle, very suitable for removing dirt and algae from the pond. Equipped with scraper edge for convenient removal of dirt from the bottom.

Pond Vac

A clean pond is a healthy pond, use the Pond-Vac weekly to do the necessary water change, while vacuuming the debris from the pond bottom and walls.

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