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Pond Hose.

For an easy &
strong connection.

SuperFish offers various high-quality pond hoses. Suitable for easily connecting pumps to pond filters, waterfalls, ornaments and more.

Connect pumps, filters
& waterfalls with our hoses.

Connect air stones & air pumps
with our air tubes.

Our pond hoses.

Spiral Pond Hose

Reinforced pond hose, guaranteed kink-free for use connecting pond pumps, pond filters, waterfalls and features.

Reinforced Pond Hose

High-quality armoured hose with a smooth inner wall for an easy, kink-free, connection of pond pumps, pond filters, waterfalls and features.

Air Tube

For the connection of the air stones and air pumps. In transparent white and transparent green or as a reinforced hose (8 mm). Available in pre-cut length or on a roll.


2.5 meter air tube (ø 4/6 mm) with various accessories for pond or aquarium aeration. Tube connectors (Y-L-T) for coupling or spliting air tubes. Air valves for trimming or closing air supply. Non return valve, prevents your air pump from siphoning your fish tank when the power is off. And allows safe installation of the air pump below water level.

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