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Protect your precious
pondfish & Koi.

SuperFish offers ideal solutions to protect your pond and your fish from herons, other birds and cats. We help you through autumn and winter with our products to keep your pond ice-free and cover your pond from leaves or other debris.


Keep leaves or debris
out of your pond.

Prevent your pond from
completly freezing over.

Our protection products.

Bird & Cat Sprinkler

Gives pond protection through motion-activated sprinkling. Detecting unwanted visitors, chasing them away with a harmless spray of water and flashes of light (LED). Easy installation, charge the batteries and connect the Bird & Cat Sprinkler to a garden hose and it is ready for use.

Bird & Cat Protector

Motion activated ultrasonic pond protector. Detecting unwanted visitors, harmlessly chasing them away with an alarm, ultrasonic sound and/or flashing lights (LED).
Easy installation: Place the Bird & Cat protector near your pond, charge the batteries and select an ultrasonic sound frequency.

Bird Reflector

The reflective surface of this decorative 15 cm floating ball deters herons, so they no longer dare to visit your pond. With the included wire and weight you can fix the ball in the pond or hang it. By using multiple balls you increase the shock effect.

Pond Heater

Heater and Ice Guard in one. Energy-efficient stainless steel heater of 150 watts with a styrofoam float and 5 m cable. When your pond freezes over the Pond Heater keeps a hole in the ice, for the necessary exchange of oxygen and harmful gases. Also keeps the pond water marginally warmer.

Anti-Ice Device

Prevent ponds from completely freezing over with the ice-free set with built-in aeration. Installing the anti-ice device before the freezing weather starts will ensure that a hole is kept in the water’s surface, allowing fresh oxygen to enter the water and harmful gases to escape.

Pond Thermometer

It is necessary to regularly measure the temperature of your pond water. How often and how much you have to feed your fish depends on this. With a SuperFish pond thermometer, you can easily and precisely measure the water temperature.

Pond Cover Net

A cover net prevents leaves or other debris from entering the pond and it also protects your fish against herons and cats. Including ground pegs.

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