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For optimal
oxygen management.

SuperFish offers various accessories and options to add oxygen to your pond. Check out which accessories best suit your pond.

Available in a range of
different shapes and sizes.

Connect or trim
the air supply.

Our aeration accessories.

Air Stones

Blue air stones – available in a range of different shapes and sizes and suitable for all types of use. Air stones gradually become clogged over time due to dirt, etc and should be replaced every year.


2.5 meter air tube (ø 4/6 mm) with various accessories for pond or aquarium aeration. Tube connectors (Y-L-T) for coupling or spliting air tubes. Air valves for trimming or closing air supply. Non return valve, prevents your air pump from siphoning your fish tank when the power is off. And allows safe installation of the air pump below water level.

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