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Filter media.

We offer a variety of
filter media for your pond.

Will you choose the Filter Substrate which gives a large surface area for optimal biological filtration, Zeolite to prevent algae growth and poisoning, or CrystalMax for the best performance per litre of filter volume? SuperFish offers a wide variety of filter media for every need.

Quality filtration
for your pond.

For filtration
or algae prevention.

Our pond filter media.


Absorbs harmful substances and ammonia from the water to prevent algae growth and poisoning.


Natural filter media. The coarse structure of Lava-Rock provides outstanding filtration characteristics with optimal biological activity.

Filter Substrate

Filter substrate is highly porous, which gives it a large surface area for optimal biological filtration.


Easy to clean plastic filter media with a large surface area for the growth of beneficial bacteria.


Designed with the largest bacteria adhesion surface, for the best results. Bio-Balls are easy to clean and are indestructible.

Natural Salt

Special, natural salt without any chemical additives. Pond Salt has a positive effect on the health of your fish and the pond ecosystem. Pond Salt helps prevent fish diseases

Activated Carbon

Top-quality filter carbon, phosphate free and guarantees optimal results. Super Activated Carbon quickly absorbs dyes and toxic substances from the water without altering the neutral pH.


Extremely porous filter media made from sintered glass, acts like a sponge for micro-organisms. Harmful substances will be decomposed thanks to aerobic (high oxygen) and anaerobic (low oxygen) filter processes. With CrystalMax, you achieve the best performance per litre of filter volume!

Filter Media bag

Handy bag for filter media, coarse. To collect and facilitate cleaning. Available in various sizes.

Filter Wool

Ideal for removing dirt particles and organic contamination. The white cotton wool is fine in texture, the green ones are coarser. Replace filter wool once a month.

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